Quality marketing content is critical to an organization's success, because it drives traffic to your website and converts prospects into customers. But creating content is hard. BlogIgnite makes it easy.

BlogIgnite founder Jason Gilmore is very familiar with just how difficult it can be to create quality content. He's the author of nine software textbooks, including multiple bestsellers, and hundreds of articles on technology topics. Writing is tough, and it's even harder when you're writing about an unfamiliar topic as is often the case when marketing sophisticated technology products. BlogIgnite harnesses the incredible power of recent advances in artificial intelligence, and decades of Jason's writing and publishing experience, to make it easy to create quality content.

  • Generate blog post drafts: BlogIgnite can generate posts corresponding to a specific topic, with specific keywords included. Post length can be tuned to suit your needs, right down to the number of paragraphs found in each section.
  • Get inspired with the BlogIgnite Idea Generator. Each blog post is accompanied by five ideas for related posts. Like an idea? Just click a button and the system will generate that blog post too!
  • Pushbutton Publishing (coming soon) Our goal is for BlogIgnite to evolve into a world class AI-driven writing platform which can seamlessly publish posts within any existing publishing platform.

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